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December 21, 2010

October 9, 2010

Internship Desperation!

Been waiting for my intern to start for so long! Got my intern approx 4-5 months back! The visa is still no done!..Happening dead slow! or is it?! First piece churned out at college while waiting for the visa!...:(

June 25, 2010


Always been working on speed. As a designer I believe that conceptualization comes first. Hence quick techniques can always be helpful to create more concepts and to represent them better...
The top one took 7 mins.. while the other took 10. For now I am sticking to lateral views.

June 24, 2010

Semester 6.5

Semesters between my college semesters is the time when I learn the most if I take time vs knowledge into consideration. Here I intend to discover more techniques of sketching and rendering. And its far time that I started to sketch soles. Need to work loads!....
Just a casual jogging kick. Pastels and markers. Managed it under 10 mins.

Swoosh Love!

A retouched version. Personally dislike it. 
This one happened in class. Turned out to be a bit artsy...

Few starters.....

May 27, 2010

Nike Consider

One week short project. A floater replacement concept where it uses a simple strap cut out from industrial waste. Through its simple closure its a replcaement option when compared to other systems such as laces and velcro. The sandal is designed taking in to account the current interest of Nike in its Considered Design segment- to be eco friendly and easily manufacturable.
Check the whole concept by clicking the header of the post!

May 15, 2010

Few more

Have sketched quite a lot over the last few weeks. But owing to a tight schedule I have not been able to scan. :(
Right now, looking for a 6-7 month internship ideally starting from june.