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December 16, 2009

As I mentioned before the project is to design a Nike MTB shoe for the London Olympics 2012. Here the concept was a double closure system so as to provide the user with a closure system with which he could alter the foot hug on both surfaces of the upper -the outer and the inner. It employs a simple strap which has a velcro at its terminal ends.
Me personally like the bottom sketch as it is not one of the 'Roshan' views..;)...and also took just 10 minutes for it. Credit goes to the situation when one has to submit a whole design process presentation within 2 hrs with all the concept sketches!...Cheers

December 13, 2009

warm up

Mountain Biking shoe concept
Nike + Furai = ?
Form follows function. Inspired by the Mazda Furai the concept employs an upper of engineered PU. The sharp surfaces are designed so as to cut the air so as to increase the speed of air flow through the intakes and the forefoot inlets. Once the foot is cooled the warm air would exit through the counter outlet due to the pressure levels between the interior and exterior environments of the shoe.

Surfacing concept for a mountain biking shoe